Our Expert Crew

Team Lead and Owner

Kathy Holzer is an ISA Certified Arborist (PN-0956A) and TRAQ qualified tree risk assessor with 20 years of experience climbing and pruning trees in the Seattle area. She was also five-time PNW chapter climbing champion and the 2004 world champion climber at ISA ITCC in Pittsburgh, PA. She has a BA in philosophy from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, ME. After working for a reputable local tree company for five years, in 2000 Kathy decided to go Out on a Limb and start her own business. She is an avid reader, a long-time student of Aikido and shares a 1928 “fixer” she bought for the big trees on the lot with her lovely partner Levecke.

Operations Manager

Phil Kelley

Phil Kelley has 23 years of active field experience in arboriculture, from climbing to crane and bucket work and more recently as lead instructor for North American Training Solutions. He has volunteered extensively at ISA Tree Climbing Competitions and currently serves as Head Judge at NATCC and Head Aerial Rescue Judge at ITCC. He has been an ISA certified arborist since 2000, is a certified line clearance tree trimmer, an approved TCIA ASTI trainer and is certified in all TCIA arborist programs. When he’s not doing tree work or training tree workers, he loves hanging out with his three amazing daughters and getting out into the mountains to hike, bike, and climb with them.

Office Manager

Levecke MasLevecke Mas is proud to join Out on a Limb Tree Co, and support such an awesome crew, and she is not just saying that because she happens to be married to Kathy. She brings over fifteen years experience in front office management to the daily operations of the company, is a wizard with spreadsheets and loves keeping track of details and talking to people. She is currently in the office on a part time basis, as she is Clinic Manager and onsite HR rep for a local non-profit, but we hope to lure her in full-time soon! When she’s not working in the office or doing the crossword puzzle with Kathy, she enjoys walking, hiking, riding her bike and traveling as much as possible.

Crew Lead

Karsten Foerster

Karsten Foerster is an ISA Certified Arborist (PN-7911A) and our crew lead, and has been working in tree care since 2013. Prior to tree climbing, Karsten served a five year enlistment in the United States Marine Corps as a helicopter structural mechanic. Karsten now enjoys using his attention to detail and strong work ethic towards caring for customers’ trees. In his free time he enjoys fly fishing and backpacking.

Team Member

Jaeden SilerJaeden Siler has been with Out on a Limb since 2016. After working for a few years in the public safety field, Jaeden decided to return to a childhood love of climbing trees and being outdoors. She enjoys exploring the various ways that plants, animals, and human beings intersect and impact one another, and hopes that everyone is able to develop a love and respect for nature. Jaeden has a BA in Criminal Justice from Seattle University, and enjoys hanging out with dogs and finding new ways to be creative.

Team Member

Kyle Strohl

Kyle Strohl came from the hardwood forests of Southeastern Ohio to work in the trees of the Pacific Northwest. He has a BA in Plant Biology from Ohio University and considers himself an avid tree conservationist. In his free time he enjoys rock climbing, hiking, biking, skiing, and anything else that gets him into the mountains.

Team Member

Martin SelascoMartin Selasco is an ISA Certified Arborist and a TRAQ qualified tree risk assessor, and has been working in tree care since 2011. After graduating Pitzer College with a BA in Environmental Studies, he spent a summer conducting habitat surveys in the old-growth Doug fir forests of southern Oregon and fell in love with tree climbing. Upon returning to Seattle, he decided to make a career out of climbing and maintaining trees. In his free time he enjoys making music, hiking, and skateboarding.

Team Mascot


Harley is half Australian cattle dog (“blue heeler”) and half German shorthair pointer, and joined the team at the ripe old age of 8 wks in February 2017. She is very excited to pull her own weight as a member of the team, but we suspect it won’t happen at least until she gets her adult teeth.