Ground Crew

Summary of Position:
Ground crew will be expected to haul brush and repeatedly lift loads of up to 50 lbs, assist climbers with work at height, and blow and rake job sites when work is complete. Crew members in this position will be offered training in proper pruning practices, and will be expected to work towards an understanding of ANSI A300 pruning standards and industry best management practices (BMPs) of pruning, as well as developing a familiarity with ANSI z133 safety standards.

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Climbing Arborist

Out on a Limb Tree co LLC is hiring!

With over 16 years in business working in the Seattle area, we’ve built a strong customer base and have at least a 6 week backlog most of the year. Wages are competitive and benefits are excellent.

Out on a Limb is a full service tree company, from fine pruning to retrenchment pruning of big, overmature trees. We install 3 types of cabling systems and also do bracing. ANSI A300 pruning standards and ISA Best Management Practices are used as the definitive guides in decisions regarding appropriate management protocols. ANSI z133 is our standard for safety protocols. Roughly 70% of our work is pruning and 30% removal.

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